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Retirement Advice.

For you, retirement may be years ahead or just around the corner. In either case, getting the correct advice is an essential part of planning for your future. 

Your personal circumstances are a vital part of deciding just what sort of long term plans will be right for you. 

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Retirement Advice, Planning & Services from Sabre Financial Kingsbridge

  • Do you expect to change job regularly?
  • Does your company provide a pension scheme?
  • Are you self employed?
  • What impact does the latest government legislation have?
  • When do you expect to retire?
  • What lifestyle expectations do you have on retirement?

Wherever you are on life's journey, getting the right, professional, independent advice can make the difference between realising your retirement dreams or discovering that you may have to work longer than you had hoped.

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What sort of Pension Plan should I invest in?

If you are starting to think about what sort of Pension Plan to invest in, there are many possibilities available. Taking the first step is easier with support. As experienced retirement planning advisers our guidance is designed to find your right way forward. We can: 

  • Help you work back from your retirement aspirations, calculating how much you realistically need save. 
  • Select products that are flexible enough to adapt to your changing circumstances between now and retirement.
  • Find the perfect blend for your needs today, and your plans tomorrow.

The trend of people needing to save for their own future is unlikely to slow. If you think now is the right time to start planning for tomorrow, today, please get in touch for Independent Retirement Planning Advice.

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How can I turn my Pension into the Retirement Income I need?

If you are nearing retirement age choosing the right way to get the most from the Investments that you have made is crucial to securing the future that you have worked so hard for all these years. 

Suddenly, the retirement years are around the corner. You've thought things through, filled up the pension fund over the last thirty to forty years and your plans are swiftly all but a reality. Soon you'll be living off your pension. But what exactly does this mean? 

When retirement time arrives, choosing what to do with your saved money requires careful thought. For many, the decision is easy – replace your work income with a pension income. It pays to choose carefully, ensuring you enjoy every penny you've invested and saved.  Preparing for Retirement means looking at what options are available to you and getting the right advice from a reliable Financial Specialist will help. 

Easy does it.

Whether you've got £1.5 million invested or £45,000, this is likely to be the biggest cash lump sum you've seen. But remember this. 

  • People are living longer and longer. 
  • Life expectancy is rising year on year. 
  • You might need this pot of money to stretch for another 30 years, or more. 

The big decisions are not over yet. You'll need to consider: 

  • Pension Commencement Lump Sum (tax free cash).
  • Annuities.
  • Open Market Option (shopping around).
  • Flexi Access Draw Down. 

Whatever you ultimately decide to do, knowing what your options are can make all the difference when planning for those easy going days of retirment. Contact us for more information.

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