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Pension Advice You Can Trust.

The most important piece of Pension Advice is the sooner you start saving the better. 

But having said that, it's also better late than never. The earlier you start saving into your pension scheme is key because it will allow more time for compound interest to maximise your pension investment. 

Pension Advice, Planning & Services from Sabre Financial Kingsbridge

 Additionally, for every £1 you invest into your Pension Plan there will be an associated Tax Relief at your marginal tax rate. If you are employed by a company you should have the benefit of a Workplace Pension Plan. These are now a mandatory offering by all employers and are your legal entitlement. 

If you are self employed you will need to set up a Personal Pension Plan. Whatever your situation, it pays to get the right Pension Advice from an Independent Pension Adviser. 

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Pension Planning.

Getting the right Pension Advice from an Independent Financial Adviser, with a good local reputation, can help you with all aspects of pensions and retirement planning, regardless of the stage you are starting at. Whether you are just beginning to invest in a pension, or you're approaching the stage in life when you will need to access it.

We can provide advice on both Pre and Post retirement.

Pre Retirement

Advising on the most suitable contract for private individuals, self employed and business owner. This might also include personal pensions or SIPP/SASS property purchase as an asset in your pension fund.

Post Retirement

For those wishing to draw benefit from schemes we can provide advice on which is the most appropriate way to achieve this including

  • drawing income from current provider
  • sourcing an annuity on the open market
  • considering flexible access drawdown
  • trivial commutation

or any combination of the above.

Whatever you ultimately decide to do, know what your options are. Contact us for more information. 

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