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Income Protection

Income Protection One of the main stresses that people can have is financial security, the charity Mind put money worries as one of their top five categories for causing stress.

If I were to become unable to work due to ill health, my top priorities would be the mortgage, food, utility bills and anything I could do to stop it affecting my kids’ usual routines.

There is a certain allure with critical Illness cover: a good chunk of tax-free money in your hand, but Income protection is a completely different ball game. It can give peace of mind that you can replace your monthly income, if you are ill and unable to return to work.

The standout reason for having income protection has to be the fact that it protects your income, end of. You can build income protection policies to suit almost anybody. You can choose how much monthly income to ensure, a deferred period that suits savings and/or employee packages, and claim periods that fit long-term budgets to maintain the cover.


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